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Proton Waja
Proton Waja


Proton Impian( Waja) is the first independent development of the Malaysian firm, thus at creation the requirements of EuroNCAP were taken into account. A basket produces the quite good impression - a helm is displaced back only on a 41 mm, sex under the feet of driver - on a 33 mm, a doorway remained untouched. But the weld-fabricated guy-sutures divided near a threshold, and experts considered it the sign of loss of structural integrity of basket. Loading from a strap on the breast of \"driver\" and efforts on a right shin were near to maximum.

At a lateral blow, in spite of working lateral pillow, efforts on all three \"ribs\" of model at a lateral blow were too the highest in series.

Proton positions Impian as the first car of the new generation created in accordance with the standards of Euro NCAP. However at a frontal blow he did not justify the hope of experts and defense of pedestrians also appeared weak. Results let down; however a producer promised to perfect defense in subsequent models. The basket of car at a blow considerably became deformed. A driver and front passenger risked to get serious damages.

Child\'s arm-chairs worked badly, and it became obviously, that at development of car of this detail spared a bit attention. Impian exists only in a right-hand drive version; therefore among the European countries his sale came true only in Great Britain.

Frontal blow: Basket was strongly damaged, and both front horsemen risked getting the traumas of thorax from the high loading. The systems of passive safety had to protect better, than it was actually. In a front panel also found out hard elements that can result in a trauma at a blow about them. Deepening foot driver strongly crumpled, promoting a danger for his feet. Central place back dressing up seats it is equipped by a three-point seatbelt providing the best defense as compared to half-length. 

Safety of children-passengers: a 18-monthly passenger was situated in an arm-chair \"against direction of motion\", and 3-years-old ? in an arm-chair \"to direction of motion\". Both arm-chairs were recommended by a producer; however none of them protected the head of the passenger at a frontal or lateral blow. Warning of possibility of causing of heavy or mortal trauma during setting of child\'s arm-chair \"against direction of motion\" in place of front passenger fell short of to the requirements.

They were executed as a sticker on exteriority of antisun peak and icon on a front panel from the side of passenger. Thus last, by virtue of the design, can easily enter in an error.

Safety of pedestrians: defense of pedestrians is the best of all described by a word \"terrible\". A producer put the experts of Euro NCAP in a fame in relation to that a car was developed without the account of this factor, however in the future promised to correct position.


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