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Volkswagen k70

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Volkswagen k70 relates to the amazing brand Volkswagen.
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Volkswagen AG, German motor-car business concern. Firm produces passenger cars, trucks, minibuses. Headquarters is in Wolfsburg. In 1934 Ferdinand Porsche, known German designer (founder of the known worldwide German motor-car company Porsche AG), secured an order from the National Socialist government of Germany for development of modern passenger car. Volkswagen k70 And already in 1935 such car was mounted. He got the name «Volkswagen», that word for word in translation from German means a «folk car». After two-year tests the series of VW30 started in 1937, and by 1938, the car was found by an acquaintance to many generations original appearance. Volkswagen designers, engineers and drivers, estimated at once. He began to speak; numerous publications appeared, in 1938 in the article of New York Times Volkswagen christened for external likeness a «beetle». This nickname so got accustomed, that had become the visiting-card of car. Sedan Volkswagen K70 became the first machine of brand with a front drive and front location of engine. Initially the car was worked out by a firm NSU; however in 1969 she was bought by «Volkswagen». On a machine set a 1,6-with a capacity of one the liter engine, his project power made 70 l.p. - from here and index in the name of model. And the letter of «K» meant the German word of Kolben, piston, in fact NSU did rotor engines yet and. In 1973, the model row broadened due to a version with a 1,8-with a capacity of one the liter motor(99 l.p.). Volkswagen k70 The model had substantial technical advantages and novelties. In the previous models of Volkswagen an engine was situated behind, had the air cooling, while in By 70 an engine was as well as at modern cars at the front and had the aquatic cooling. Front-rank design, spacious booth, high landing of driver, good review, enhance able requirements to safety of passengers, including certain placing of petrol tank, a capacious luggage rack was done this car well sold and for 4 more than 200 000 things were sold. Farther more a business concern Volkswagen and his competitors in future exactly by 70 took for basis in development and modernization of the models. Certainly, new technical decisions could not create additional complications, such as problems of skilled personnel, on technical service, that not less they gradually decided and were recompensed foregoing pluses. In 1973, the production by 70 was stopped in connection with appearance of first Volkswagen Passat.

volkswagen k70 volkswagen k70 volkswagen k70 volkswagen k70
volkswagen k70 volkswagen k70 volkswagen k70 volkswagen k70
volkswagen k70

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