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Polski fiat 126p

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Polski fiat 126p relates to the amazing brand Polski fiat.
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«Polski fiat 126p» the car which was issued by company «Fiat» since 1972 for 2000 represents. For the first time the car has been presented to general public in October, 1972 on a motor show in Turin. The new car «Polski fiat 126p» has been developed by experts of the company as replacement for model «Fiat 500». The Most part of cars have been made in Poland, entitled «Polski fiat 126p». As analogue of model the car «Fiat Cinquecento» with a forward arrangement of the engine has been created. polski fiat 126p In the new car «Polski fiat 126p» many technical and design decisions of its predecessor have been used. Thus at cars the general wheel base. Specially for «Polski fiat 126p» the special form of a body which on the external design of the ex-terrier reminds model «127» has been developed. The volume of the power unit significantly has been increased: from 0,594 liters up to 0,652 liters. In 1977 diameter of cylinders of the power unit about 73,5 mm up to 77 millimeters has been increased. Capacity of the engine has remained at a former level and has made 23 horsepower’s. The twisting instant has increased about 39 Nanometers up to 43 Nanometers. The further design decisions have allowed increasing volume of the power unit up to 0,704 liters. In model «Fiat 126» (1987-1991) capacity of the engine has increased up to 26 horsepower’s. At the Italian factories the car was issued till 1980. The car differs from similar models of competitors the small dimensions and in weight. Owing to it, the car shows high parameters of a maneuverability and controllability and completely conforms to conditions of city movement. polski fiat 126p Later the car was issued in Poland at the Factory of Midget cars since 1973 for 2000. Also the car continued to let out under the license of the company at a factory in Yugoslavia. In 1984 significant modernization of the external ex-terrier of the car has been carried out. It has received plastic a bumper and the updated panel of devices. In 1994 designers also have updated physical appearance of the car. It has received new elements of the ex-terrier from model «Fiat Cinquecento» and began to refer to «126 EL». For all lifetime of the car it has been let out more than 1 million units in Italy, 3 million in Poland and 2000 in Austria.

polski fiat 126p polski fiat 126p polski fiat 126p polski fiat 126p
polski fiat 126p polski fiat 126p polski fiat 126p polski fiat 126p
polski fiat 126p

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