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Nissan juke relates to the amazing brand Nissan.
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Four-door hatchback Nissan Juke 2011 is offered to in three variants acquisition: base S, more functional SV and SL with the leather upholstering. The version of S is equipped by one 17-inch wheels from an easy alloy, by a complete electro-package, cruise control, by the system of entrance keyless, conditioner of air, back seat with the pull down back broken in correlation 60/40, tillable steering column, side computer, by the adapter of Bluetooth and audio system with CD-player, six loud speakers, port for iPod, additional audio entrance and management buttons on a helm.

Nissan Juke All versions of Nissan Juke 2011 are equipped by a single in-line four-cylinder turbo engine by volume of 1,6 L. A motor gives 188 LR powers and 238 nm of twisting moment on fore wheels. A steeples transmission is included in standard acquisition of S, and to SV and SL is offered mechanical six speed gear-box or CVT at choice. All three versions can be optional is equipped by the system of complete drive (to that a steeples transmission is accessible only).

In standard acquisition of Juke unmerging disk brakes, checking of stability and traction system, active under heads and lateral pillows of safety, are included for front seats, and also lateral window pillows-shades. On results testing conducted by the journalists of Edmunds, braking distance of model on speed 97 km/h made a 37,5 m is a middle index for a small car.

Nissan Juke The design of salon at Nissan Juke 2011 is more restrained, than exterior. An eye is made happy by the rounded forms on a device panel and smooth outlines of door knobs. Silvery accents dilute monotony of hard plastic. Elbow-rests in doors are not especially comforts - at the front they are covered by the skim of fabric, and behind - simply plastic. But custom controls are comfortable and large, and places for storage of shallow luggage - in surplus. The energetic four- cylinder engine of Nissan Juke 2011 behaves as a large aspirated motor, providing the wide range of powers. A steeples transmission works not bad and allows to a full degree to use possibilities of engine, when a rapid acceleration is required.

On the winding roads of Juke in the element - cheerfully maneuvers and with lightness takes turns. Due to the well balanced steering management and tight pendant, a car quickly responds to the actions of driver and does not deviate from a course at turning, and large(for such model) tires provide a sure contact with an asphalt.

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nissan juke

What do you think about this vehicle?

sam scornaienchi Absolute blast to drive . My sappbhire black frnt drve 6 speed is awesome. Handles great , interior is very nice ,i love the froggy look to the exterior which is different gbut at the same time very sporrty and unless you have a huge family it is far from small. I wish i could squeeze agbout 40-50 more horse by turning up the boost but nobody has figured how to that i know of. I installed stillen exhbaust and believe it or not it freed up a lot of rpm. No complaints really except the fact im raking in miles due to commuting and that breaks my heart.
2012-11-16 16:12:20
Sunil Kaluaratchi So far I found the best entire design,exterior interior and the comfortabale family sporty vehicale.
2013-07-23 16:12:15
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Nissan juke

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