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Daihatsu compagno

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Daihatsu compagno relates to the amazing brand Daihatsu.
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Daihatsu name the «large producer of little cars». This company produces mainly compact models with the engines of little volume and is the associated company of Toyota with headquarters in Osaka. History of Daihatsu, nevertheless, counts already almost century - she is counted off from 1907, when professors of university of Yoshinki and Turumi promoted company on a production and sale of combustion engines industrial setting. A company got the name Hatsudoki Seizo Co. By the way, Daihatsu as a trade mark appeared far later, and in the beginning Hatsudoki Seizo produced motors working on natural gas and being used in marine, mining and power industry. Daihatsu Compagno During subsequent 4 models were 8 produced, including the first in Japan compact 4-wheeled car becoming the announcer of future development of company toward the cars of small size. Demand on the products of Hatsudoki grew very quickly; a production broadened, and in 1938 was brought into an action new plant – Ikeda. In the same year Hatsudoki produced another prototype car - full drive sporting model with an open top, equipped by a 1,2-with a capacity of one the liter engine and 3-speed transmission. A car sped up to 70 km/h. In 1951 Hatsudoki suffered the row of reorganizations and renamed in Daihatsu Kogyo Co. To 1957 of sale of the three-wheeled cars of Daihatsu attained a large level, and a company decided to proceed to the export. The three-wheeled mini auto Midget, conquering large popularity, appeared at the Japanese market. In October, 1960 light saw the pickup of Hi - Jet with a 2-stroke engine in a 356 cc by a cm and two cylinders. An area of his basket was less 1,1 apt. meter. The 2-door van of Hi went out in 1961 - Jet, and the pickup of New appeared in 1962 - Line, on sizes excelling Hi - Jet and equipped by an engine by volume of 797 cc with the aquatic cooling. Second generation of Hi - Jet came into the world already in 1963, and in 1966 two-door appeared passenger car Fellow. In the same 1966 Daihatsu Compagno became the first Japanese car imported to Great Britain a year. Daihatsu Compagno Model of Fellow is an automobile auto with two doors gives birth in 1963. To England Daihatsu Compagno was put in 1966, and this brand became the first Japanese car entering sale on misty Albion. In 1967 Daihat’s team up with a firm Toyota Motor and actually becomes her branch. In 1972 Fellow appears as four-door sedan. Out of Japan this model had the name Daihatsu 360. In 1974, the firm Daihatsu Kogyo gets the new name - Daihatsu Motor Company. A car Daihatsu Charmant, for that the model of Toyota Corolla served a base, is produced in 1975. First off-road vehicle of Daihatsu was created in 1976. The motto of «We make it compact» - «We will compel it to make» more compact a company Daihatsu Motor successfully incarnates in the cars. So, I’m presently from an increasing price on the petrol compactness of machine to become the issue enough of the day.

daihatsu compagno daihatsu compagno daihatsu compagno daihatsu compagno
daihatsu compagno daihatsu compagno daihatsu compagno daihatsu compagno
daihatsu compagno

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Daihatsu compagno

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